Email Hosting Services for Singapore Businesses

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Email Hosting Services for Singapore Businesses

Almost everyone who is a regular internet user has an email address on different email service providers like Google or Yahoo. Because it offers a free and good amount of storage free of cost that is sufficient for most of the users. However, such email solutions are not ideal for different businesses because of their different requirements.

That’s why different organizations consider special email hosting services in the world and Singapore to fulfill their business needs. In this way, they get flexible, easy-to-use, and secure hosting services for the betterment of their businesses.

In this guide, we will cover different aspects of email hosting services to help you to come up with professional hosting services. Let’s get started…

What is Email Hosting?

An email server that hosts your emails and associated files is known as an email host and this service is called an email hosting service. When someone sends you an email, the email is stored on your email server. Then, the server administrator will determine what action to take bearing in mind any re-routing requests and spam filters, etc.

Different Type of Emails Hosting Services

1. Bundled Email Hosting

Email hosting that comes along with your web hosting account is referred to as bundle email hosting. You neither have to maintain your emails on a separate account nor have to pay a huge amount for separate email hosting. However, bundled hosting offers limited storage space that is shared between web and email hosting. Besides, you will get a shared bandwidth for your email and web hosting when you go with bundled hosting. Above all, it comes with limited features to control and manage your email hosting.

2. Dedicated Email Hosting

Dedicated email hosting is available to host only emails and offers more email-related features. It offers storage space and bandwidth that is separate from your web hosting account. Dedicated hosting provides plenty of advanced features like automated smartphone synchronization, extra protection, full control of emails, etc. However, you will have to pay an extra amount to get this hosting. Remember you don’t need an entire email server for dedicated hosting but the server manages only emails.

3. Enterprise Solutions - SaaS

Enterprise solutions are also dedicated email services that you need to manage separately from your web hosting. For example, Google and Microsoft offer email hosting solutions such as G Suite and Microsoft 365 Business respectively.

Although these solutions are highly protective and powerful, it ends up costing a huge amount. The price increases rapidly as the number of staff increases. For instance, G Suite costs you around S$8 (as of march 2022) for its basic plan and you will have to pay this amount per user monthly.

Things to Consider When Buying Email hosting Services

You should consider plenty of different factors when purchasing an email hosting service for a better user experience as follows:

1. Security

Safety and security should be your number one priority when buying any email hosting services. The safety of your emails is very important to prevent different threats posed by hackers. Backing up your data is also important for the safety of your data.

2. Ease of Use

The best email hosting services give you full control over the email environment. Customer support should be available 24/7. Look at web-based and mobile interfaces to make sure that if user-interface is intuitive.

3. Availability

Downtime of any hosting service, even for an hour, can cost you thousands of dollars. Because emails have become a crucial part of businesses. You should choose a hosting service that offers at least 99.9% uptime.

4. Archiving and Storage

Maintaining the history of all emails is very important for your business. That’s why you should go with a service offering good storage space. Similarly, you should be allowed to move your old emails to the archive for better email management.

5. Compatibility and Flexibility

Choose email hosting that allows enterprise-level syncing with your mobile and web-based devices. The solution should work perfectly for hundreds of users simultaneously. Multiple pricing plans are also important to consider. For example, if you don’t need a specific type of service depending upon your business, you can go with a cheaper pricing plan to save your money.

Free VS Paid Email Hosting Services

Email servers use POP and IMAP to send and receive emails. Several types of email services are available in the market. You can go with any service depending upon your business's goal. Let’s have a look at free and paid email hosting services…

Free Web-Hosting Services

You are already familiar with different free email hosting options like Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail. These services offer you enough space to store your files and meet the basic need of individuals or small businesses. However, these services might come with disadvantages such banners and ads. You won’t have a customer support option and less cloud storage. Above all, it doesn’t provide a personalized domain name. As a result, a domain name can become extremely difficult to remember.

Professional Email Hosting

If your business is email-dependent i.e. email is a revenue driver, you might want to avoid free email hosting. Free services come with a lack of features. Professional email hosting offers plenty of advantages like a personalized domain name, more storage space, no advertisement, and robust security and safety features. Besides, it offers email authentication schemes, replication, rerouting, and filtering options. Unlike free services, you can upload large attachments. Plus, you can utilize aliases, forwarders, and auto-responders. Bluehost email hosting, Dreamhost, and Namecheap are some professional email hosting in the world and Singapore as well.

Wrapping Up

Email has become a crucial part of all successful businesses in this era. Therefore, you must buy a high-quality email hosting service to prevent your data from potential hacking attacks. Instead of going with free services, spend a little bit amount to buy professional hosting to enjoy security, flexibility, ease of use, and availability. You can go with dedicated, bundled or enterprise solution email hosting services depending on your need.

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